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Welcome to Fresta


Fresta is not a company, I'm just a keen hobbyist designing printed board circuits for the electronic enthusiasts.

Lately the focus is modelbuilding electronics as I can see that there are a lot of misunderstandings and confusion regarding electronics in the communities. To get more insight about what is the current development, I started to install DCC decoders and configure them in modeltrains. Then I noticed that the well-known brands are quite expensive in there controlcenters and the different modules to control signal aspects and switches.

After quite some time I have found a stable system to control DCC decoders. To control the hardware I starting to use RocRail (see rocrail.net). With a Raspberry Pi the signal-aspects and inputs could be inplemented.

To make things easier I developed modules that could control LEDs, Sensors, Servos, etc.